CEO of soup dumpling phenomenon Din Tai Fung dishes on the restaurant’s secrets

28 Jan, 2020

The eatery had humble beginnings but has become an international phenomenon.

At any given location, time, or day of the week, there is always a long line of customers waiting outside of Din Tai Fung, eager to taste its dim sum-style menu. Known for its bite-sized soup dumplings, each with a thin layer of dough and packed with hot, sizzling broth and pork fillings, Din Tai Fung attracts more than 18,000 customers every day in the 11 locations in Taiwan alone.

What started as a storefront eatery has now become one of the most successful privately owned restaurants, with more than 170 locations in 13 countries around the world, including the U.S.

Yang Bing-Yi and son Yang Ji-Hua, circa 1990, in Taiwan.Yang Bing-Yi and son Yang Ji-Hua, circa 1990, in Taiwan.Courtesy Yang Family

By the end of January, Din Tai Fung is set to open two more locations in Taipei, one of which will be the largest store to date. In the midst of the openings, Din Tai Fung’s owner and CEO, Yang Ji Hua, eldest son of the founders Yang Bing Yi and his wife Lai Penmei, chatted with ABC News about the family’s humble beginnings and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

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